it has been a fuckin while

Hey! Oh My Baby Jesus it has almost been a year since I’ve touched my blog… oh god. Hey Guys!!! I have been asking myself questions lately such as: Are you happy?, Do you enjoy the company of people called friends?, are they even supposed to be called friends?, Have you found a happy place? You know all these little questions that I kind of coat my body with.

Well, my answer has to be is that I’m really confused with this world that we live in but I’m not sure if you feel the same? it could just be me, or my country, or probably the people who I would run away from. Please Help Me, can someone book me a ticket to England where all the blogger friends are. Hahaha just got to give myself a good laugh cause this trip around the sun ain’t over hahahah.

I have been trying to survive school, if you didn’t know I was homeschooled for awhile but this past year I’ve moved to a private school and let me tell you the school that I’m in right now is complete bullshit.

I love how the “teachers” try to act smart when you can really see that they are trying to impress you with their knowledge cause a lot of the teachers in most of my previous schools did not get a proper education cause mostly the answer would be in the lack of money (please do not think I’m a mean person, its just what I see or observe in my class I promise I do feel bad that they didn’t get proper education).

I just feel so out of place, I’m about to rip my hair off because of my disfunctional school. so I really hope I could convince my dad to bring me back to homeschooling.

I’m really sorry if I’m just babbling out words in this post because I feel like I just have to release of what I really feel because there is not a lot of people who understands me or there isn’t a lot of mature enough people in my area to understand me. so I’m really hoping I get a chance here cause I know there are quite a lot of people who may be going through the same thing as I am so yeahhhh.

That’s all for now I did miss writing a lot! so I hope your happy to see me post again (I hope) well, I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are hahaha ok bye!

TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off xx


YouTube Life

hey everyone I have officially started my youtube life and yes, I know I have been talking about youtube so much I got carried away about blogging but I have now posted my first video a couple of days ago! Eek! I’m so happy and excited here is the link for that:

but I just want to say thank you to the people who has supported me not only in the youtube thing but like whenever I’m feeling down I know I can count on you guys even though I don’t have many followers here but I know that there are people here that I can count on and I wish I lived close to everyone and just give them a hug it would have been the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for but virtual hugs would have to do for now 🙂 *VIRTUAL HUGS!!* but hey face reveal is on my youtube channel!! EEK!! AAAAHH Soo excited so I don’t really know if they have private chats here but I would love to see all of your faces!! maybe through skype?? haha I don’t know but I also do have a vlog channel I’ve had it for a while actually but I have couple of videos there as well if you want to go see that then ill leave the link here:

please go check it out! if you can subscribe please do! Its simple all you need to do is make a gmail account and the way you go! thank you lots!! 🙂 – TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off.

Here’s Another Sad Blog.

Hey everyone! I don’t know if I was the only one who noticed but I have some non-motivational posts and I’m sorry for that, but I want to say sorry again for this post as well, so let me tell you about this story…

Okay, so I don’t know if I’ve mention about my mom here in the blog world yet, but here is today’s update about my mom: Nov 12, 2015 (last year) was the day when my mom had to leave my brother and I and basically the whole household in general the reason why is because she had a problem with drugs and she couldn’t handle things maturely. She would shout at us if we had a minor problem which we shouldn’t be worried about, she would leave us at a computer café for 4-5 hours and it is out in a dangerous/unsafe place and sometimes my brother gets worried of where our mom could possibly be at the current time and sometimes he would just cry because he is hungry, he wants to go home, or scared which I totally understand. We probably could get kidnapped around the area! There are more reasons why my mom had to leave but I don’t really want to talk about it anymore, so lets just say that my mom had a terrible drug problem. So its been a year now and to be honest I don’t really miss her after all the things she has done to me since Day 1.

Now I have a new problem, its my dad . He used to be very positive with my ideas and dreams ever since I’ve been into talking about my future or what I want or wish to do in the future when I grow up. My dad does drink rum and cola and he does smoke cigarettes, but he could handle he’s emotions. I had this idea of opening a Japanese inspired Maid Café lately cause I’ve been into anime and I think its a cool idea and my friends think so too! but what my dad thinks is that its going to be bad business. He wont stop telling me all the negative side of all my ideas which hurts! Now whenever I think of cool things that I want to/could do all I see is the negative side in everything, and when I want opinions on it I usually would go to my dad but I always remember that all he says now are negative so why bother?

This has been stressing my siblings and I for quite awhile now 😦 especially my sister and I. No matter how hard we work around the house it feels like nothings gets appreciated by our father, COOKING, CLEANING, LAUNDRY, nothing. so please if you have family problems feel free to leave a comment, I want to see if I could help you or your family. I just wished I lived closer to all of you guys. You guys are just amazing and very supportive and I appreciate that! so I want to say thank you, thank you for helping me deal with my problems, basically just thank you for your support! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off.

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time well to be exact its been 47 days since I’ve posted, yup! 47 days. anyways I’ve missed everyone here at the blog world so much its crazy! we just recently changed our Wi-Fi motum so our Wi-Fi is back again! WOOHOO! I’m very happy that it is back I missed writing long blogs for you guys! so if you are asking how my YouTube channel is going, well…, I tried filming on my phone and I probably filmed about 3 videos! (including intro) and once I checked after filming for like hours to start editing… it didn’t get any audio which is very unusual like this never happened before! so I wished I’d cry but I cant because I was too pissed to cry soo I will be receiving my video camera next year on march (I think) so it will take awhile so that’s that for now.

I cant believe that Halloween is this week well 5 more days for me and I’m SOO PUMPED!! plus!, the carnival just opened I think 3 days ago too bad I don’t have any money 😦 because my family and I are broke literally broke we are currently living on my dads credit card cause he’s freakin’ “partners” apparently don’t appreciate my dads hard work that he puts time on everyday (CAUSE THEYRE IDIOTS I SAY) and really everything is just so stressful right now like I just want to get away from all this crap. Anyway, speaking of Halloween my older sister, my younger brother, my lil’ nephew and I are all going to be sorcerers and sorceress which I’m very excited to be! I’ve made all of our cloaks last month because I just couldn’t wait till October to do it! XD and I even made my own Halloween bag to match my cloak and outfit and I have to make another bag for my sister because she liked how mine turned out which is awesome!

so here is a question I would like all of you to answer!

Q: what will you be for Halloween? and do you have a plan on getting double the candy this year? if so please tell me cause I would like to know! thanks!!-TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off!

I Made My Channel!

heeyy! sorry I didn’t post again for a couple days I had another headache! UGH! and I guess you could say that I was recovering from the headache the day after XD soo yeah anyway, but I finally made my YouTube channel!!! although, I haven’t posted any videos YET but, I will post a channel trailer soon (hopefully) then more videos after that so don’t be shy, feel free to leave as much video suggestions as possible and I will get to those as soon as the channel trailer goes out.

I’m very excited that I’m finally doing this!! making videos again! and this time I wont be making promises because I’m most likely to fail promises that are usually scheduled aka YouTube XD and as I said from my other blog I am still going to be filming with my phone which will not be high quality as the others and my phone is an IPhone 4 so really low quality and I’m sorry for that I just don’t have the money at the moment to buy a camera 😦 and it is hard to save money as a 13 year old here in my country because they barely give part-time/student jobs around in my area which REALLY SUCKS! 😦 so I’m sorry for that.

Here is the link to my channel:, hopefully that is the link and sorry again that this is another short blog I have to clean again but this time its my room and the living room 😦 UUGGGGHHH!! oh well its life! -TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off!

Story Of My Best Friend And I

HI!! so I would love to share the story of me and my best friend, lets pretend her name is Tiana 🙂 soo, it started at the 4th grade we were all in a small classroom with probably 20 students in it. I sat at the back with a group of students and Tiana sat at the middle row to the right. She was the first one who I saw as I entered the door to my new transferred school and the first thing that I saw in her was that she was adorably cute! (no I’m not lesbian) and I knew that we were going to be great friends!

We had to switch teachers & classroom at the same time because our class was growing with more students. With our new teacher it kinda felt that it brought me and Tiana closer because we sat near each other & we chat a lot during recess & there was this time at the computer lab, our teacher told us to write a letter to someone in the class and me and Tiana sat beside each other during that time and we even wrote the letters to each other! (How Cute!)

5th grade came along and that’s when drama starts pouring on us. There was this girl lets call her Ali who I guess was trying to get between me and Tiana which I felt really sad because Ali was pushing me or dragging me away from Tiana and apparently she wanted to be “best friends” with one of us and she chose me. It felt like it brought me and Tiana apart so close to being acquaintances again and that tore me! 😦 IT HURT ME A LOT! so, I tried to ignore Ali as much as possible and apparently she got really mad that she wouldn’t talk to me, that’s how stubborn she was but, I was glad that me and Tiana had a stronger connection since then we had a lot of sleepovers and we would always tell memories and how terrible Ali was and I kinda felt bad for her but, I didn’t want to bring anymore drama back from her so I left that to her

Basically me and Tiana are like sisters, or like peanut butter & jelly you know, we are just really close and I love her sooo much that we even agreed going to the same college and living at the same apartment together which makes me incredibly happy that I’m still with her till this point its been 4 years now which doesn’t seem a lot but that’s 1,460 days WOOOOAAAAH…. LOVE YOU “TIANA”!!! -TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off.

Today Wasn’t The Best

I didn’t get to go to the beach today because it rained 😒 I mean the last 2 days the weather was fine like damn!😂 so I didn’t get to vlog UGH!😩 but I’ll try to work on some of the deleting of fetus videos and the banner and my best friend was thinking the same way of starting over! So I’m not alone!! 💁 YAAASS!

But today was interesting, my sister woke me up today well she wakes me up everyday before 12 😂 I’m such a lazy butt🍑 anyway, we were eating lunch and when we were done she went to her room and when she came back out she expected us to have all the dishes at the kitchen (which was the total opposite of that) and I’ve never seen her so pissed at me and my younger brother😨 it scared me!, she told my younger brother and I to leave her alone with the dishes so we did because we don’t want to see her go way over beluga whales😰

I went to my room, folded my laundry and put them away, did more laundry and hung them up, and changed my bedsheets, to make myself feel that I’m doing something productive than making myself feel guilty😔, shaking my head I told myself I’m more worthy than that ☺️ And I knew I was, I wasn’t just showing it😊

But I don’t want to embarrass my sister because of this blog its like a “story time” or “expect the unexpected”, wow that was even worse, now I’m feeling more guilt, ahhh goodness well!, I guess I will be posting some embarrassing stories about me too in the future to be fair -TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off.


More YouTube Things

Hello! Back at it again with the blogs haha 😁 that was terrible. Okay… Anyway!, I’m thinking of vlogging tomorrow and posting it at my main channel I finally made up my mind and I’m probably going to delete my actual vlogging channel even though it has 22 subscribers 😔 but, that’s okay 😊 I can do it again and if you are wondering what my channel name is I won’t tell you at the moment because people might find it sexual but really it’s not so, I will name it after my blog name 😊 and have my face reveal on Instagram and of course my YouTube channel (well I have to show my face eventually😅) well maybe not Instagram but I’ll think about that!

The reason why I wanted to vlog tomorrow is because I’m going out to the beach and just had the idea of vlogging so it might be interesting 😅 I’m actually pretty excited on re-doing my channel although kinda sad that I have to delete all of my fetus videos and re-doing the background which will take awhile 😭 but it’s for the best! And hopefully you’ll watch my videos even though they are mostly going to suck because I film with my phone (the only thing I have at the time being) but maybe I’ll ask my eldest sister if I can have her flip camera which is surprisingly good quality! But, pretty sure she is most likely to say no 😂 I guess it’s something I should save for then 😊

I’m not promising anything that I will be making videos every week or 2 weeks it’s all up to me if I’m in the mood for making videos because I always fail if I’m on a schedule and I always tell myself that I can do it tomorrow or later and like a week later my friends chats me asking where the videos at 😂 so I feel bad and now I’m not going to make any promises 😂 oh boy!

That’s pretty much it for now. I feel like I’m making a book, doing a page like everyday because I’m writing everything down on my notebook😂 oh well! -TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off.

Major Headache!

Hai again. Yes, I have a major headache and I think I may know why. It could either be from all the work yesterday (read my last blog) from cleaning or it could be from all these thoughts in my head which are:

  • Thinking of a new YouTube name (yes I have YouTube)
  • If I should keep my vlogging channel and just combine vlogs and regular videos together on my main channel
  • Why I have 4 Instagram’s (although I will only use 2 🙂 )
  • What should I give my bestfriend when she comes back from the states (I want to Do-It-Myself so its more thoughtful)
  • Why can I never sleep early and always have to sleep at 4:30 am XD

and a lot more. My body is still aching from yesterday although today it kinda feels worse than yesterday 😦 and my throat is starting to itch and I feel like I’m getting weaker and weaker 😦 PLEASE SEND HELP!, Just Kidding…XD

I’m also getting tired again 😦 oh btw, I finished watching “Jane The Virgin” it was a great series it makes me want to speak Spanish now because of Jane’s abuela (grandmother) XD

just a short one today sorry, I’m just exhausted and need to clear my mind right now and I just wish my brain is a blank canvas for me to fill with organization on. -TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off.

Too Tired

HELLOOOO! hehe…. Thank you guys for reading my last blog yesterday it made my day! because I cleaned the whole day today! Boy let me tell ya how tired I am. My sister, brother, and I were cleaning the kitchen to exterminate the roaches and other bugs and this started 2 days ago, 2 DAYS AGO! that’s how long it took to exterminate bugs ourselves because we do not have money to hire a bug exterminator so we had to do it ourselves and until today we are still cleaning the kitchen and it was only the KITCHEN!!

DAY 1:

Soo we had to take everything out of the kitchen literally everything! excluding the stove and fridge we had to take out our big plates, small plates, cups, mugs, glasses, wine glasses, tequila glasses, shot glasses you name it (my dad had a restaurant before and that’s why we have all of these fancy glasses) measuring cups, utensils, baking ware, cooking wear, microwave, kettle, blender, food processer, steamer, toaster (EVERYTHING!!!) you probably get it by now, and that all took about a day and, once everything was removed we had to spray this bug killer thingy everywhere so we did that and dad told us to leave it over night, so we did.

DAY 2:

So currently all of our things that were in the kitchen are sitting on our billiards table (which is also from my dads restaurant) and all over the floor. So my duty that day was washing all the plates, utensils, pots, pans, cups all the things that I’ve mention on day 1 by hand because we also don’t have a dishwasher :\ oh boy I was washing for like 5 hours straight and my back was aching, my legs were shaking, I just made a rhyme…okay… but ya know what I mean. we started at 12 and ended at 6 pm 😦 all of us (sister, brother, and I) we were all EXHAUSTED!!! we just wanted as much rest after that and we wanted the night to pause for like 10 more hours for more sleeping time 😦 but unfortunately that can never happen 😦

tomorrow we still have to clean more of the kitchen (WHEN IS THIS ALL GOING TO END?!) and hopefully get to clean my room tomorrow because my room looks like a dumpster truck! 😦 and I still haven’t took my shower yet because I wanted to get a blog up before the clock strikes midnight in my country XD 🙂 but I promise after this I will take my nice shower!! 🙂 -TheOneGirlOneBlog signing off.

P.S. while I was washing all the kitchen stuff, well…that ruined my nails that I just painted yesterday 😦 XD haha… okay bye!